The right choice for Shelburne

My name is Bob Lake and I am running for Shelburne Selectboard. I have lived in Shelburne for over 20 years and I am a father of a CVU graduate.

As the President of Majestic Corporation, I would like to bring my business experience to the Shelburne Selectboard. Majestic Corporation is a multifaceted holding company that works with banks and financial institutions on loan losses, does real estate development and has a car rental company. Since 1988, I have worked to grow the company and we have several offices in Vermont and New Hampshire, with employees throughout New England.

As a business owner, I am faced with everyday hurdles that every business must contend with, and know the hard work it takes to make a business be successful. I know the value of having a solid team to work with, and have always encouraged the ideas from everyone within the company.

Currently, I am serving as the Chairman of the Board for the Green Mountain Credit Union, and as the Town Health Officer.

In business and as the Town Health Officer, I have demonstrated the ability to make decisive decisions, always taking into account every aspect of a situation.

We have a great town and community, and I want to help maintain our community by serving on the Shelburne Selectboard.

Please vote for me on March 5.

Bob Lake, Shelburne


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