SCS Sports Recap

Jack Caswell

Jack Caswell

By Jack Caswell, SCS eighth grader

SCS boys basketball

SCS boys basketball closed out their season on Thursday, Feb. 14 after a long season. The team played Colchester recently and had a wonderful 49-29 win. They had an intense season, practicing almost every day and finishing with a 10-5 season.

SCS girls basketball

The girls basketball team had a great regular season winning nine games and only losing six. They had great back-to-back wins against Browns River and Colchester this season.

SCS baseball

With basketball coming to a close, baseball is just beginning. The team has designed hats and pullovers and can’t wait to get out and start playing. The coaches of the team, Allan Mihan and Joel Bissonette, are going to be evaluating the players at the 2013 tryouts.  Last year, the baseball team went undefeated in 10 games. Students are really excited for the upcoming season.

SCS softball

The SCS softball team is also coming up ahead. Coaches Kathy Sherrin and Bob Gurwicz are excited to start another season of softball. Last year, the team went 7-3 and is hoping to do great this year, too.


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