Yoga studio sets roots in Shelburne

Yoga Roots owners Katie Bohlin and Heidi Bock pose in front of their new yoga studio in Shelburne last week.

Yoga Roots owners Katie Bohlin and Heidi Bock pose in front of their new yoga studio in Shelburne last week.

By Julia Howe Sullivan

A sense of peace has swept over Shelburne. In early February, a new yoga studio opened its doors to our community. Cofounded by Shelburne residents Heidi Bock and Katie Bohlin, Yoga Roots has set out to be that safe, grounding, and fun place where people can go to reboot, rejuvenate, and explore the multi-faceted practice of yoga.

Yoga studios pepper the Burlington landscape and as the ancient practice becomes increasingly popular in today’s world, Shelburne now has a studio to call its own.

Through Yoga Roots, Bock and Bohlin aim to shed light on the true nature of yoga; that it’s not about being bendy or physically strong, but instead about reconnecting to the innate strength and bliss that already exists within each one of us.

“Yoga brings us back to ourselves,” Bock explains, “It offers the opportunity to feel the body, breath, mind, spirit, and heart. With practice, we can experience the vibrancy of these parts coming together.”

Both Bock and Bohlin are long-time students of yoga and have the combined experience of over 13 years as teachers. They share similar intentions every time they guide students through a class.

“Whether I’m teaching a vinyasa flow or prenatal yoga class, my intention is the same – to inspire a sense of strength, compassion, and joy within,” says Bohlin.

Bock says she hopes to “be of service and evoke a response – a deeper breath, a physical or emotional release, laughter, tears, or a sudden insight.” She goes on to say that it is her job to create an environment that gives students permission to listen, see, and feel more deeply.

Throughout the years, both Bock and Bohlin had visions of developing a yoga space in Shelburne, yet it wasn’t until August of 2012 that they realized they shared a dream.

“Two visions aligned and creation happened at lightning speed,” says Bohlin.

The two yoginis (yoga jargon for female yoga practitioners) had their first meeting of the minds in November 2012, and just three months later, the vision became a reality.

With eight certified teachers, and over 10 different styles of yoga offered weekly, there’s something for everyone at Yoga Roots.  From the gentle ease of Candlelight Therapeutic Restorative Yoga to the vigorous discipline of Heated Vinyasa, students can get a taste for varying levels of rigor across the spectrum.

Yoga Roots also has on-site independent practitioners offering healing arts services such as massage, yoga therapy, holistic rehabilitation, and nutrition counseling.

Bock and Bohlin say that yoga truly is for everyone. For those of you who think you might be interested in checking out a class, but are hesitant because you’re not flexible, or don’t know the postures, fear not.

“If you can breathe, you can do yoga. Just show up, express any concerns that may be holding you back, and open up to something really great,” says Bohlin.

Bock adds, “Our teachers will welcome you and help you feel comfortable and will do everything they can to make your experience memorable.”

Yoga Roots is hosting an open house on Friday, April 19. For more information visit or “like” their page on Facebook. The studio is located at the Shelburne Green Business Park at 6221 Shelburne Road.

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