Person of Shelburne – Steve Luhr


Steve Luhr thrives on adventure. Born in the Windy City, Luhr transplanted to Vermont in 1967 with the start of his father’s new job at the University of Vermont. From there, the clan settled in to rural life in Ferrisburgh, Vt.

After receiving a degree in Business Administration from Linden State College, Luhr worked as a Lineboy at the Airmaster. Later he was hired at BioTek Instruments in Winooski where he became the marketing manager. When the company split, Luhr began commuting from Vermont to Carson City, Nev. “That was the spring board,” Luhr explained. “The extra time allowed me to think about what I wanted to do.” A recreational sledder, Luhr had never used a sled for adults, at least one that was “good on powder.” With the help of a design firm, he had soon reinvented it. The now founder and president of the company Hammerhead Sleds Inc. produces a successful update on the flexible flyer sled.

After the launch of the business, Luhr moved to Shelburne in 2009. “It made sense businesswise and personally,” he explained. In the summer, Luhr married his wife, Carolyn Lacombe-Luhr at his parents’ house in Charlotte.

In their free time, Steve and Carolyn enjoy working with a dog rescue, Golden Hugs. Rescued dogs come from all over the south to the Northeast. From there, “we’re just a cog in the big wheel,” Steve said. He and his wife have two dogs of their own and usually house and care for one other “foster” dog. His favorite experience was a Golden mix, Cindy. “Her owner died of old age and a woman called Golden Hugs wanting Cindy. She was 95 years old. When we met up with her, we could see that it was a perfect match.”

A current hobby of Luhr’s takes a page from his first job: aviation. Aside from his pilot’s license, Luhr has obtained a love for adventure motorcycling. The sport harnesses the particular bike’s hybrid qualities, allowing riders to ride off and on the road. “Some of my friends and I are planning a trip for this fall,” he added. “There’s something really minimalist about it. That’s what I’ve really gotten into. No highways.”

When asked to name his favorite book, Luhr impressed his strengths. “I’m really only a technical reader. Honestly, I love hiking and walking the dogs more than anything,” he explained.

Favorite food: “I get the Ga-Pow chicken from Bangkok Minute all the time. My wife and I also go to the bar at Chef Leu a lot to hang out with Mai.”

Favorite Shelburne Haunt: The Shed

Favorite Concert: Peter Frampton’s 1977 show at the Montreal Forum

Bucket List: “I want to take the adventure bikes all the way up to Labrador. My wife and I also want, and are planning, to charter a sail boat to the Caribbean – a bareboat.”

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