Special Loop Road meeting scheduled

By Heather McKim

As the March 26 meeting of the Shelburne Selectboard came to order, member Allison Cranmer informed those gathered that long-time VCAM channel 17 Technician Brad “Bear” Ingalls was in respite care at Fletcher Allen Hospital receiving palliative care. Cranmer said that she wanted to take the opportunity to thank Ingalls for his years of work at the meetings.

The agenda for the meeting was approved, and the Board moved on to the issue of last meeting’s minutes. Board member Toni Supple passed out copies of three pages of amendments she wished to make to the minutes from the previous meeting.

“[The minutes] should be the substantive things,” member Al Gobeille said, noting that otherwise the entire recording of the meeting would have to be transcribed.

Supple suggested that the minutes be sent to each member before being reviewed publicly at the Board meeting so that edits could be suggested and made.

“For Judy Lance or any other staff member to receive multiple edits and make multiple edits from that is unreasonable,” Town Manager Paul Bohne responded.

Member Gary von Stange said that he preferred moving away from the current method in which Bohne reviews the minutes prior to the meeting. “I would just like to get an unblemished copy here,” he said, and other members agreed.

Members decided the minutes from the March 12 meeting would be sent back for review by the notetaker and will be resubmitted at the next meeting.

Chair Tim Pudvar noted that the Second Annual Fool’s Flop is coming up on April 7. Money raised by the event will go to help renovate the playground at Davis Park. Pudvar, Gobeille, and von Stange all said that they would be at this year’s event.

Bohne took the opportunity during his Manager’s report to commend the resident who called the police when two men attempted to break into her neighbor’s home. She alerted officers to the hiding location of the men.

Bohne also spoke of the upcoming bicentennial celebration. There are about a dozen volunteers working on the project, but more would be welcome. Those who are interested should contact Colleen Haag. The next committee meeting will be held on April 4.

It was decided that a special informational meeting would be held regarding the Loop Road and related subjects. This will be held on April 10 at 7 pm.

The meeting was a time to interview candidates for boards, commissions, and committees. Members interviewed all candidates and then broke away for an extensive deliberative session before returning to the meeting to make the various appointments.

The newly formed Social Service Committee had five openings and five candidates seeking to fill those spots. Maragaret Ottinger, David Cranmer, Tom Zenaty, Peter Gadue, and Barbara Cimaglio were seeking to fill those spots. Each was chosen.

For the Bike and Pedestrian Paths Committee, there were three candidates for the two openings. Pam Nuovo was appointed to a three-year term. Carol Rose was appointed to a term expiring in 2015. Members strongly encouraged the third candidate, Sara Blum, to be active with the committee and to see about a potential upcoming opening.

The Natural Resources and Conservation Committee had two candidates, Joannah Ralston and Peter Idleman, and both received appointments to the committee.

Three candidates sought positions on the Planning Commission. Ann Hogan will fill a position in which the term will end in 2015.

The sole candidate for the Development Review Board, Kevin Lavery, was chosen to fill a term ending in 2014.

The three candidates interviewed to serve on the Library Board of Trustees each received a spot. Mark Joczik will serve a three-year term, Caroline Siccama a two-year term, and Ruth Hagerman a two-year term.

Additional appointments were made. Amongst them was Bohne’s appointment to a one-year term as Emergency Management Coordinator, a one-year term as Town Services Officer, and a one-year term as Tree Warden. The Ethics Committee was reappointed in its entirety. Spots with the Planning Commission, Development Review Board, Dog Park Committee, and a number of others were also filled.

After a presentation and some discussion, Board members voted to support an application for a United States Department of Agriculture Rural Enterprise Grant (RBEG) to assist in the development of an agricultural-forestry-based business incubator at Shelburne Green. The grant request will be for $23,000. There will also be matching funds of $7,500 from private sector pledges.

The Board also approved the allocation of 1,269 gallons per day of sewer capacity to William Posey for a six-unit subdivision located on Webster Ridge, another batch of liquor and tobacco licenses, and the establishment of monthly assignments of Board members to approve payroll and accounts payable warrants.

Due to the lateness of the hour, members decided to table discussion regarding debt of the Shelburne general operations and the sewer and water enterprise funds until the next meeting to be held at Wake Robin on April 9.

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