Covering the Field – Marvin Muller

Photo by Laurie Caswell Burke

Photo by Laurie Caswell Burke

By Sheri Duff

Marvin Muller is enthusiastic. And that’s putting it lightly. Champlain Valley Union (CVU) Nordic coach Sarah Strack announced, “It was absolutely delightful to have Marvin on the team this year. He is a wonderful person and a great addition to the team. His enthusiasm for the sport and his joy in participating on the team was contagious.” Born on June 4, 1996 and raised in Unterateri, Switzerland, Muller’s family includes parents Erika and Stephan, older brother Kilian, and four younger siblings. Conscientious readers might recall that Kilian, a Swiss exchange student in 2011, also helped lead the CVU boys to a state championship in Nordic skiing. Inspired by Kilian to become an exchange student, Muller’s assignment to Vermont was a lucky coincidence. “We get to pick a country. Not where we go specifically. I chose America and was sent to Vermont just like my brother. It’s a coincidence we both ended up at CVU.” His Charlotte hosts are Brian, Jennifer, and Olivia Slater. A longtime cross country skier, Muller reminisced about his first foray into the sport. “I’ve been skiing forever. My dad is a ski instructor. But this is the first time I was able to compete,” he insisted. “Joining the team was a great opportunity for me to try something new. We don’t have a Nordic team at home and I was very excited about it.” As the season wore on it was obvious that Muller was a gifted skier. He placed ninth in the freestyle and sixth in the classic at the Vermont high school Nordic state championships. And that made him especially proud. “Winning the Nordic state championship was a great experience. I think it helped that winning was ‘somewhat expected’ of me. I don’t like to disappoint.” And he never did. Because of his talents Muller was named to the New England Nordic Ski Association’s Eastern High School Championship team, an honor to the top 24 male and female high school skiers from Vermont, and for which they were crowned champions for the second consecutive year. And he was also named to the Vermont coaches all state high school Nordic team. Coach Strack commented, “It was an honor to have a second Muller come to Vermont and attend CVU. We hope the tradition continues with the rest of the Muller siblings!” In addition to Nordic skiing, Muller was on the cross country running team. He credits the team with making his transition to CVU an easy one. “It was easy to make friends when I first got here,” he mentioned. “The cross country team first welcomed me and then there was the Nordic ski team. Now I am on the varsity baseball team, another sport I am learning. We don’t play baseball back in Switzerland.” After CVU graduation in June Muller will first return home to complete his education. To go to university he must complete three more years of high school. After meeting his educational requirements Muller will contemplate his future plans with enthusiasm.

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