Person of SCS: Maura Thompson

Maura Thompson

Maura Thompson

By Veronica Shipway, SCS eighth grader

Maura Thompson was born on April 14, 1999 in New York City, N.Y. and was raised in Ramsey, N.J. Her parents are Ken and Kate Thompson and she has an older brother named Brendan. Maura moved to Shelburne, Vt. in the summer before 7th grade when she prepared for her first year at Shelburne Community School (SCS). Currently an eighth grader, Maura is a part of the school chorus as a soprano, and a member of the student council and meets with them regularly. She was the lead role of the school play “Once on This Island,” playing the character Ti-Moune during Friday night’s showing on March 15 of this year. She also spent some of her time in a music class with kids from kindergarten to second grade, helping the music teacher, Ms. Burritt, with her Thursday classes.

Along with all of the theatrical and community activities that Maura participates in, she is also very athletic. Over her lifetime, Maura has played lacrosse, softball, and field hockey, and is playing all three of them this year for the SCS school teams.

When Maura is at home, she enjoys singing, acting, and writing. Her favorite movie and book series is “Harry Potter.”

During the summer, Maura spends her time in the Adirondacks with her grandparents, but when she’s in Shelburne, Maura enjoys hanging out at Village Wine & Coffee. She also enjoys eating Indian style food and drinking red Gatorade.

Maura’s favorite band is Fun, and although she’s never been to a concert before, she still has hopes of seeing them in concert someday. Maura has many different ideas about what she wants to happen in her future, but one thing she knows for sure is that she wants to write. “I want to write a best-selling book that inspires other people,” she said.

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