Person of SCS: Veronica Shipway

Veronica Shipway

Veronica Shipway

By Maura Thompson, SCS eighth grader

Veronica Shipway was born in Hinesburg and lived in Burlington until she moved to Shelburne in 4th grade. Her parents are Angela Justice and David Shipway and Veronica is an only child.  Ever since she was young, Shipway has been surrounded by animals. Baxter, a golden retriever is her favorite dog. Nanook, a Golden Retriever, is a pain but she still loves it.

Shipway attended Champlain Elementary School until she transferred to Shelburne Community School (SCS). She has many talents that include drumming in the school band, singing in chorus, and drawing in her many notebooks. Veronica loves to write stories about fictional characters. She said, “The reason why I like fiction so much is because it doesn’t have to be realistic. I can just make things happen.” Writing is something Shipway loves to do in her free time and she hopes that she could make it into a profession. Her other favorite hobby is drawing, and she has enjoyed it since she was little. Throughout the school day and even at home, Shipway carries around five notebooks of various sizes. Every notebook is used for a different purpose: some are for writing different stories and others are for her Anime cartoons. Anime is her favorite drawing style and she gets inspiration from Gerard Way, a famous Anime cartoonist who lives and works in New Jersey.

Shipway keeps busy. In the school play “Once on this Island” she assisted the crew and cast as a backstage helper, played drums, and played the Claves and the Shaker alongside professional musicians. The live music at the middle school play consisted of a piano (played by middle school teacher Kristin Bamburger), the bass guitar, and drums (both played by professionals). 

A few of Shipway’s favorite things follow: her favorite movie is “The Lost Boys” and her favorite books are James Patterson series, such as The Maximum Ride series, and Daniel X. She attended her first concert, Weezer, at Higher Ground. Shipway spends most of her time in Shelburne chilling out with friends at Village Wine & Coffee. In the future, Shipway aspires to be a comic book artist and a novelist.


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