One Million Bones comes to Shelburne

By Vicky Tamas

The Shelburne community got its chance to take part in the world-wide One Million Bones (OMB) project on Saturday, April 6 at the Shelburne Craft School. One Million Bones is a social arts project bringing together students, artists, and activists in collaboration to create an installation of one million “bones” which ultimately will be displayed in Washington, D.C. over the weekend of June 6-8. The project is designed to raise awareness and honor those lost to, or still fighting to survive, genocide and mass atrocities today in Africa. While about 30 people attended the event and produced a total of 70 bones, all of which will ultimately be included in the Washington D.C.exhibit, some of the children took a break and played in the sunshine of the courtyard of the craft school, already showing the beginnings of spring. And hope. For more information about how to contribute to the One Million Bones, please visit the website

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