Senate urged to rescue residents from House budget plan

The Vermont House has acted irresponsibly in recently passing a $33 million tax bill – one of the largest and broadest tax increases in recent memory.

It doesn’t seem right to add to Vermonter’s cost of living in a time when most homeowners are already facing higher property taxes.

Why did our Shelburne House Representatives, Joan Lenes and Kate Webb support this unfriendly legislation for hard working Vermonters? Maybe they were counting on the Senate to fix it or the Governor to veto it – but that’s not leadership.

And adding insult to injury, this is on the heels of a $50 million property tax increase and a $24 million increase in our gasoline tax.

If we chose to spend no more this year than we did last year, we could end the session with money to spare, but legislators never cease to think of new or expanded programs and that is what’s fueling the budget crisis.

We urge Diane Snelling and the other senators to rescue us from the House budget plan.

Holly Farrington, Shelburne

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