News from the Pierson Library

National Library Week:  April 14-20: Celebrate National Library Week in one – or more – of the following ways: (1) Go to the Pierson Library page on Facebook and “like” us.  As one of our friends, you will receive announcements of upcoming events so that you are always in the know; (2) Help the library – and make a dent in your spring cleaning – by dropping off your gently used books and DVDs to the Library. We may add them to our collection, put them on our “bargain books” cart for sale in the Library lobby, or save them for our annual book sale.  In any case, they will be used and appreciated;. (3) Stop by to get your own library card and find out how much we have to offer.  Just bring an ID or a bill with a Shelburne address, and we will be happy to sign you up!

Don’t Go Out Into the Woods Today – without first learning about Lyme Disease.  The Pierson Library is hosting the movie “Under Our Skin,” a semi-documentary about preventing and treating Lyme Disease.  Dr. Steve Riley, an expert in preventing, identifying, and treating Lyme Disease, will be on hand to answer your questions.  The film and Q & A session will be held in Town Hall on Tuesday, May 7 at 6:30 pm.

Not Quite Endangered: Species of Special Concern in Vermont: The Pierson Library is hosting a presentation by Allan Strong, an Associate Professor in the Rubenstein School of Natural Resources at the University of Vermont, about four groups of birds that can be found – unfortunately in decreasing numbers – in wetlands, grasslands, and shrublands in the Champlain Valley. The presentation will be held in Town Hall on Tuesday, April 30 at 6:30 pm.

Welcome Young Readers: We have several new young patrons, ranging in age from five to ten years old:  Eliza Brooks, James Bruce, Macaela Bruce, Larson Couture, Molly Fairhurst, Alexander Partilo Isabella Partilo, Aron Parnitzke, Stella Rakochy, Amelie Scharf, and Laragh Scharf.  Be sure your child has a library card as soon as he or she turns five.

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