Covering the field – Brenna Gorman


Brenna Gorman is a leader. It is one of the first assets that CVU head lacrosse coach Erin Malone notes when asked about her senior midfielder. “Last week Brenna was named co-captain of the lacrosse team and it makes a lot of sense that her teammates selected her as their leader. On the field Brenna is a force to be reckoned with. She brings the full package to the team—a strong stick, solid defense, great field sense, and she does a great job balancing taking the ball to goal and dishing it out to an open teammate,” she informed. “Off the field she is committed to lacrosse and the sports culture at CVU.”

Gorman was born in Vermont on June 5, 1995, and then briefly moved to Maryland with her family before relocating to Charlotte at age seven. Her family includes parents, Jill and Tom, younger brother Conner, a sophomore at Rice Memorial High School, two dogs named Cooper and Cessa, and a cat named Cola.

Gorman clearly recalls picking up a lacrosse stick for the first time as a third grader at the Charlotte Central School. “My mom signed me up through the rec department. Most of my friends were playing for Charlotte resident and coach Beth Beldock and that sparked my interest in the sport,” she commented.

Looking to improve her skills and willing to take advantage of her opportunities, like indoor leagues at the Field House and travel teams such as New England Select Lacrosse League  and the Northern Edge Lacrosse Club at UVM to name a few, Gorman played as much competitive lacrosse as possible. Her preparation paid off when she made the varsity team as a freshman.

A 4-year varsity player, Gorman is knowledgeable in all aspects of lacrosse. “My strength is my knowledge of the game. I have played on a variety of teams for a very long time,” she noted. “I’m an experienced veteran.” Coach Malone concurs adding, “This season I look forward to seeing Brenna raise her level of play and that of her teammates, as well as growing her leadership skills.”

In addition to lacrosse, Gorman is involved in Class Council, is the founding member of the Athletic Leadership Council, and a 3-year employee at the Shelburne Health & Fitness at the Field House in Shelburne. “I’m a jack of all trades. I work at the front desk and I do a little of everything at the Field House.”

“My acceptance to attend the University of Maryland-College Park is my greatest achievement to date,” Gorman said enthusiastically. “Both Maryland and Quinnipiac have the occupational therapy major I plan to pursue. Although I was leaning towards Quinnipiac at first, I decided to go to Maryland. I’m very excited about my decision.” And she should be proud. This talented and committed young woman will likely take advantage of her opportunities and make the most of her college successes.

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