Thanks to local businesses

I am so proud to live in a town where our amazing local businesses generously support so many great causes and needs.  This year I volunteered to help raise local business support for The Carrie Premsagar Foundation,, which is dedicated to meeting the needs of local families dealing with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Our Denim and Bling Event is May 3 and anyone can purchase tickets through the website. It’s a wonderful evening for a super cause! I also am so proud of the response I received from the Shelburne businesses I personally approached for support. I only asked a small handful of Shelburne businesses, but of the ones I did, The Bearded Frog, Shelburne Supermarket, and the Flying Pig Bookstore all enthusiastically said yes with generous items for the silent auction.  Almartin Volvo once again proved their dedication to the community by agreeing to be an event sponsor!  I am proud to live in a town where our businesses clearly care deeply about giving back.  Thanks to these local businesses and to the hundreds of other businesses (including those in Shelburne approached by other volunteers) for this event.  You are truly making a difference in countless lives. 

Ashley P. McAvey

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