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A  good read recommended and reviewed by Gene Schinto:

“Glass Boys” by Nicole Lundrigan

“Glass Boys” is a vivid, often astonishing, saga about life in rural Newfoundland. Nicole Lundrigan’s style is all her own. For one thing, the reader is often meant to discover events after the fact rather than being directly informed as they occur, and there is much to discover.

Eli Fagin, a farmer, is greatly upset to come upon a shameful secret about his stepson. At this moment the young Trench brothers, Roy and Lewis, burst into Fagin’s yard wildly drunk on moonshine.  A tragic accident results in Roy’s death.  Lewis blames the farmer and himself.

Lewis marries Wilda who will prove to be difficult and unpredictable. Their two sons are his only source of joy. Mel is a trouble magnet idolized by Toby, his sensitive younger brother. Despite many strong characters, Mel and Toby are the true heroes of this fine book.



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