Day or night, you can write

How will you venture out from hibernation into warmer weather? Why not open the windows to your inner muse and along with the buds of spring, burst into blossom at the Writers’ Barn?


Can you imagine condensing the enormity of your life experiences into a powerful poem of 24 words in a mere eight lines? Tuesday mornings at the Writers’ Barn instructor Sue Roupp invites you to attempt this feat through a guided poetry exercise. Or, if a novel, short story, memoir, or another genre interests you more, Roupp also welcomes new or experienced writers to her Wednesday morning Creative Writing workshop where you hone your writing skills and get your creative juices flowing.

Saturday afternoon, May 18, Vermont author Katharine Fisher Britton leads a four-hour workshop dedicated to exploring the foundations of fiction writing. Every wordsmith’s tale can be a beast from time to time, and Britton offers a little fiction-taming through fun writing exercises and discussion of works.

On Friday afternoons in June and July, high school teens are welcomed to join Lizzy Fox in discovering the art and power of the Spoken Word and slam poetry. Write it; rehearse it; perform it at the Writers’ Barn this summer!


After a long day at the office or at home with the kids, why not unwind and let some creative energy loose Tuesday, May 7 with poet Daniel Lusk’s workshop, Delights and Shadows? Author of the recently published “Lake Studies: Meditations on Lake Champlain,” Lusk invites adult writers to leave the safety of the shore and put their toes in the waters of poetry writing.

On alternating Friday evenings starting on May 3, women writers are invited to bring a pen to Caitlin Downey’s relaxing and restorative evening of writing prompts and conversation in Wine, Women, and Words. Also offered on alternate Friday evenings beginning May 10 is a Writers’ Salon, hosted by venerate Writers’ Barn instructor Sue Roupp. Perhaps you’d like to talk about world literature, share constructive feedback on works-in-progress, or conversely, unravel the secrets of formula fiction’s mystery, sci-fi, and romance.

Whether you are a new or an experienced writer looking for tricks and sticks to fuel your creative fires, consider joining the spring and summer workshops at the Writers’ Barn for sharpening your skill and broadening your creative horizons. Space at the Writers’ Barn is filling up, so please make reservations by visiting our website, email Lin@windridgebooksofvt, or call (802) 985-3091.

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