Local spots win Best in New England

Shelburne businesses have done it again. In the upcoming issue of Yankee Magazine’s Travel Guide to New England, this year’s winners of the “Best of New England – Editors’ Choice” include a few local haunts. The following honors were awarded:

Shelburne Farms

Best Hands-On Farm Programs

The Flying Pig Bookstore

Best Children’s Bookstore

A top events award was also awarded for the Shelburne Museum’s Art & Craft Festival slated this year for July 26-28. This year’s event features 130 artisans, specialty food exhibitors, wine and spirits tastings, craft demonstrations, and more.

This designation is awarded by Yankee’s editors and contributors, who name select restaurants, lodgings, and attractions in New England to the exclusive list. Three hundred seventeen awards were given this year.  This special issue also names 20 top events in Vermont, for a total of 120 events across New England. For 37 years, Yankee’s Travel Guide has been the most widely distributed and best-selling guide to the six-state region, providing readers with a comprehensive vacation-planning tool and daily reference.

“Every one of the 300-plus places we highlight contains an untold back story about someone striving for perfection, having a dream, and having the vision to make a difference, whether it’s a small artisan’s studio or a lobster-in-the-rough shack or a dressed-up steakhouse on a tree-lined Boston street,” says Yankee’s editor Mel Allen. “While it may be hard to create a business, the true challenge is in making it work, being good enough that it endures and brings people back. Those are the qualities we look for and reward when we say ‘Best of New England.’”


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