Rite Aid extends benefit to include bottle drive April 27

Rite Aid employees Joya Lawyer and Alice Johnson are at it again. The pair has decided to host another fundraiser to benefit the Vermont Children’s Hospital and it’s easy for everyone to get involved. Just gather empty bottles and cans and bring them to the Shelburne Shopping Park or Tenney Family Deli and Bottle Redemption in Charlotte from 10 am-2 pm this Saturday, April 27.

As a special incentive for residents of Shelburne Village, returnable bottles may be placed at the end of home driveways and Rite Aid employees will pick them up. Simply call 985-2610 for this service. Or, if you’re just in the area, stop by for $2 cups of chili.

Do some spring cleaning this weekend and donate those returnable bottles and cans for the Children’s Hospital at the same time. It’s the least you “can” do.

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