There are never enough taxes

Several letters have been written to the Shelburne news taking Joan Lenes and Kate Webb to task for their support of millions of dollars in new and increased taxes.  When will Shelburne residents begin to realize that Joan and Kate have never seen a tax that they don’t like? When did we have a year when taxes weren’t raised? It isn’t a matter of whether they raise taxes but on what and how much. The criticism is like water off a duck’s back. I think they simply don’t care what taxpayers think. The biggest problem that Vermont has is the level of money spent on social services. I know of the following from first-hand experience. There is a family of two able-bodied adults and four children living in northwestern vermont on public support. The man was offered a job and he would not take it because it wasn’t a job he wanted and his standard of living would be reduced as a result of his employment. They have an expensive SUV in the driveway. That was 45K when new. You and I pay the taxes that DCF hands out to them but we can’t find out how much they get. There is basically no oversight on situations like this. Then there is the family of a mother and four children in northwestern Vermont—the youngest child is just over a year old, the father is “disabled” (but apparently not completely), he makes money selling drugs, and all of them are on public support. I wonder why we can’t require the “disabled” father to do some community work raking parks or cleaning up roadsides. You would not need additional taxes if politicians would crack down on social services abuse. You and I have to live within our budgets but not the state. Why Joan and Kate get re-elected is beyond me. They are just party line voters. The question is what will run out first—things to tax or our ability and willingness to pay them?

Bruce Elmore, Shelburne

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