Locals exceed expectations in Champlain Classic

 Participants in the Champlain Classic 1K Kids Race complete the race on Sunday, May 5 in Shelburne.

Participants in the Champlain Classic 1K Kids Race complete the race on Sunday, May 5 in Shelburne.

Scot Atkins of Stowe completed Sunday’s 5K Champlain Classic in 18 minutes and 9 seconds finishing in first place overall followed by Shelburne resident Don Kjelleren the second place finisher one minute later. The winner of the 15K race was none other than Shelburne resident David Connery with a time of 1:00:06. Regardless of bragging rights, the real winners of the 23nd annual foot race are all the participants, 245 to be exact, that took part in the 15K, 5K, and 1K Kid’s race on Sunday.

Sunday’s weather was a repeat of last year, cool and sunny, and participants were happy to compete on the scenic course. Betsy Cieplicki Director of the Town’s Recreation Dept., organizer of the event mentioned, “We had over 240 participants this year. That’s thanks in part to “No Boundaries,” a Fleet Feet Sport beginning running program designed for non-runners and new runners who brought a group of 45, along with 18 coaches and mentors, that graduated from their 11-week program by running in the 5K Champlain Classic,” she shared. “And special thanks to all the volunteers that helped to make this event successful, especially Brian Killkelly, the race coordinator, Matt and Diane Chandler, the timers, and Champlain Classic webmasters, and all the other many volunteers who make this race possible,” Cieplicki added. “A special thanks to Fleet Feet, Associates in Orthodontics, Hannaford, Sweeney Designbuild, and Shelburne Supermarket for sponsoring this event and the Automaster for providing the lead car.

Shelburne residents who completed the Champlain Classic 5K include: Don Kjelleren (2); Quincy Chandler (16); Steve Antell (20);  Ryan Mills (25); Matthew Potter(26); Pam Brangan (28); Mia Beer (30); Chris Sheahan (32); Aaron Wise (36); Abigal Snow (38); Kim Dittus (45); Tim Ryan (49); Susan Dunning (52); Allison Searson (56); Kevin Wise (59); Tisa Begnoche (68); Dawn Dicecco (70); Kelly Tivnan (74); Heidi Lacroix (89); Flo Meiler (90); Amy Trimble (91); Elsa Bosma (96); Peter Friedrichsen (98); Daniela Bronk (108); Marcela Brook (109); Alex Friedrichsen (110); Linda Snow (112); Jen Hicks (114); Terry Kuch (115); Gina Normand (118); George Mills (127); Heather Friedrichsen (132); Phyllis George (146); Dianne Schreer (150); Dawn Carter (154); and Tim Carter (155). Finishers of the 15K include: David Connery (1); Bob Trautwine (5); Forrest Lemoine (14); Lisa Kingsbury (19); Peter Snell (30)l Dave King (32) Karen Oppenheimer (34); Kathy Snell (39); Tim Singer (42); David Littlehale (45); Mark Brooks (47); Stephanie Konowitz (54); and Steven Schreer (61). For a complete listing of results, visit www.champlainclassic.com.

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