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Twenty students and three chaperones, supervised by Fairbanks House Director, spent April break in North Carolina constructing homes with Habitat for Humanity. Shelburne students included: Lauren Fecteau, Anna Franceschetti, Daniel Mathon, Rachel Pitcher, Greer Storey, Alex Twombly, and Juliet Walsh.

The FBLA State Leadership Conference was held March 28 and 29.  While at the conference, students competed in a wide range of business-related events, and some students were elected to state posts. Shelburne junior Corey Williams is the newly elected State Reporter.  Other students who place in the competition are: Devon Cantor, Harvey Ottinger, Corey Williams, Sam Giles, Alex Precourt, Kidder Spillane and Julia Solokowski, all of Shelburne.

The following students have been selected to go to Turkey in May and participate in the country-wide entrepreneurship and innovation fair: David Riesner, Marcella Consiglio, Kevin Page, Graham Hulvey, and Liam Donnelly.

The American Mathematics Competition results are in and the CVU school winner is David Tamas-Parris of Shelburne.

It’s not every day that you get to witness a group of teenagers experiencing travel for the first time these days. But that’s just what special educator Gary Jedinak and crew will do during the first week of June when they head to Washington, D.C., with 12 students, some of whom have never left the state of Vermont.

This trip, 28 years in the making, according to Jedinak, special educator for CVU’s Essentials program, is a dream come true. He has long wanted to take his students on a longer experiential trip, and this year, the stars were aligned. After determining the trip’s cost—$11,880—Jedinak applied to local non-profit the Redducs Foundation for help in supporting the trip. The Redducs Foundation supplied him and the students with $10,000, a sum that nearly covered the cost, securing spots for students who might not have been able to attend otherwise. A $2,000 supplement from the Val Gardner Trust Fund supplied the rest.

So this trip is set to sail with four adults – Jedinak and three other CVU adults – and 12 students on an experience that will give even more depth to their classroom studies.  This will be a chance to see “living history in the nation’s capital,” Jedinak said. The Essentials program, which creates individualized learning plans for each student, includes a once a week local experiential learning component that highlights some of the learning done throughout the week, so this trip is really the “ultimate experiential field trip.”

The students plan to research the memorials and museums in advance of the trip – looking specifically at the significance of war and the roles of individuals and historic figures – with the visits to everywhere from the Lincoln Memorial to the World War II Memorial to Arlington Cemetery being the culminating point of the unit. Jedinak hopes this will help the students better understand U.S. history as well as the individual student’s place in it.

As a way to bring the learning back home, the students will be blogging throughout the trip to keep the CVU community informed, and they have planned art and photo exhibits and reflections for when they get back.

Jedinak, who has been at CVU for the past 12 years, is most excited about “spending these days with the students and being a part of this experience with them.”

Upcoming Events of Interest:

May 24—Grad Challenge presentation day at CVU, all day

May 29—concert in the CVU Theater: concert band, jazz ensemble, men’s and women’s chorus, 7:30pm

June 4—concert in the CVU Theater: symphonic band, symphonic winds and chorus, 7:30pm

June 14—CVU graduation, 1pm, at UVM’s Patrick Gymnasium

Shelburne Representatives to the CVU School Board:

Joan Lenes

Susan Holson

Susan Grasso

CVU Liaison to the Communications Committee:

Robin Lauzon –

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