CVU inducted into the League of Innovative Schools

Students have more to write home about. Champlain Valley Union High School (CVU) has been inducted into the League of Innovative Schools, the Agency of Education.

“CVU [is a] great addition to the League. I am proud of Vermont’s involvement in this consortium of New England schools who are working together to make our schools more relevant and engaging for students,” said Armando Vilaseca, Secretary of Education. “The League is a platform for discussion, idea sharing, and best practices – focusing on making our schools reflective of the needs of our state and our country in the 21st century.”

The League of Innovative Schools is comprised of secondary schools from across the state, and is affiliated with the New England Secondary School Consortium (NESSC). The Consortium includes Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The goal of the League is to encourage innovative strategies, establish a network of best practices that is directly linked to 21st century learning, and promote greater educational equity and opportunities for all students. League schools will serve as models for local education agencies around the state, helping to shape the future of Vermont public education.

“Congratulations to CVU…for this well-deserved recognition,” said Governor Peter Shumlin. “These schools exemplify how innovative programs can improve education for Vermont students. I believe that we can make our education system the best in the nation by following these strategies statewide, using personalized learning that includes internships, career training opportunities, and college-level coursework to create flexible pathways to graduation for all our students.”

CVU has designed an innovative program called GOAL (Go Out and Learn) to promote personalized learning plans (PLPs) that meet the school’s graduation requirements. GOAL provides a process for students to design learning tailored to their passions and interests. For students, learning opportunities can happen anywhere and at any time, including at community-based learning sites, career technical centers, and CVU. All credit earned by completing a GOAL plan applies toward graduation requirements. The school has piloted the program with several students this year.

“CVU is very excited to become a part of the League of Innovative Schools,” said Sean McMannon, CVU Principal. “As CVU moves toward creating more standards-based learning opportunities for students, the League provides a vast learning community of schools, educators, and ideas to foster creative and rigorous learning for all students.”

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