Master butcher and award-winning cookbook author team up for meat workshop

Frank Pace

Frank Pace

On May 11, two local food celebrities come together for a free, demonstration-style workshop on cooking pastured, local meat at affordable prices. Heading into busy summer farmer’s market season, participants will learn about selecting and cooking parts of the animal that most people are not familiar with how to use, like soup bones, organ meats, and briskets.

The workshop, titled “How to Cook Broths, Organs, Roasts, Braises and More and Stretch Your Meat Dollar” will run from 6-8 pm on Saturday with music from 5-6 pm by local musicians, The Irregulars. To RSVP, contact JoAnne Dennee by email at

Participants will taste the difference in grass-fed beef as they savor slowly braised brisket with award-winning cookbook author Molly Stevens. In addition, they will sip soup with master butcher Frank Pace as he talks about how preparing delicious bone broths and liver connects us with the flavorful and frugal ways our ancestors used the whole animal.

Classically trained in professional kitchens in France, award-winning cookbook author Molly Stevens, author of “All About Roasting and All About Braising,” has directed programs and taught at numerous culinary institutes worldwide. Living in Northern Vermont, she contributes regularly in Fine Cooking, Saveur, Bon Appetit, and Eating Well magazines, and was selected as the 2007 “Bon Appetit Cooking Teacher of the Year.”

Trained Chef and Master Butcher Frank Pace is the in-house butcher for Guild Fine Meats and sister restaurants, and soon in a sandwich shop on St. Paul Street in Burlington. As such, Frank travels to and helps purchase whole animals from local farms, then butchers the meat and prepares dry-aged steaks, fresh sausage, dry- cured Italian salami, charcuterie, and more.

This in-depth, two-hour workshop on cooking grass-fed meat with two of northern Vermont’s most respected authorities on the topic is not to be missed!

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