Rethink taxation

Each week, Reps. Joan Lenes and Kate Webb provide an update on legislative actions in the ‘Report from Montpelier.’ Two very nice ladies, but I wonder why they vote the way they do.

In this session, taxes have been increased on income, clothing, meals, vending machines, soft drinks, candy, satellite TV, cigarettes, gasoline, and most likely water. What else? These actions will impact Vermonters and tourists alike. In an economy that has been in the tank for the past few years, does anybody think this will help to stimulate growth? What about job creation and tourism, our best domestic product?

Here’s my suggestion: at the end of this session (hopefully soon), what if both Reps write a final report? In that report, they could list each tax increase and a brief statement as to why they voted for it. Perhaps they could even include thoughts and ideas on how to reduce State spending that next year will increase to over $5 billion. It would make for interesting reading, don’t you think?

If you think ‘tax, tax, tax’ is okay or will get better, think again. On top of all the taxation, Shumlin/Obama Care will soon kick in. I defy anyone to take a crack at the real cost. By the way, guess who will pay for it.

If all Reps throughout the State reported why they voted the way they did, especially on these topics, I’m thinking the next legislative session would have many new faces, Shelburne included.

Mark Wetmiller, Shelburne

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