Free community preparedness webinar series in June

UVM Extension is offering a statewide webinar series covering multiple facets of community emergency preparedness. The framework and planning processes to be shared through the webinars apply broadly to all hazards preparedness.
Town emergency managers, Selectboard members, other town officers, first responders, and interested community members are encouraged to participate in these free webinars. In June the webinars will be offered midday on Tuesdays.
Vermont’s red barns, green pastures grazed by livestock, maple syrup, ice cream, and award-winning cheeses are iconic features of the state’s agriculturally dependent economy. Kicking off the series in June, National Dairy Month, the first four weekly topics will have an agricultural theme or perspective.
In June the webinar presenter will be Julie Smith, University of Vermont Extension Dairy Specialist, who is a certified trainer for the Extension Disaster Education Network’s Strengthening Community Agrosecurity Preparedness program. “It is important for community members to come together to coordinate effective preparation and response to all emergencies,” said Smith.
The series begins June 4 with an introduction to agricultural issues of relevance for all hazards planning in Vermont. Each webinar in June will be conducted from 12:15 to 12:45 pm. The webinars will be available to individuals at their own computers as well as in a facilitated group format at locations around the state. Individuals requiring accommodations to participate in this program should contact Louis Bedor,, by May 30. For more information, visit

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