SCS Jogathon turns 20

The 20th annual Jogathon will take place Thursday, May 23.

The 20th annual Jogathon will take place Thursday, May 23.

The 20th annual Jogathon, sponsored by the Shelburne PTO, will take place Thursday, May 23 (rain date Wednesday, May 22).  In this morning event, all students at the Community School participate by running outside with their classmates and teachers.
There are two main purposes of the Jogathon (besides being a lot of fun for everyone involved!). First, the Jogathon is a wonderful physical fitness activity, encouraging the development of life-long skills for good physical well-being. Second, this event is an important fundraiser for the PTO.  This year, we hope to raise $6,000, much of which will be used to support our Grants program. In addition, the Jogathon is a unique school experience, bringing together the entire SCS community for one event.
Individual participation in the Jogathon varies from 20 minutes for the littlest people to an hour for the older students. The youngest children will run around the flagpole circle at the front of the school. The 3-5 graders will run one loop of the Davis Park neighborhood, and the Middle Schoolers will also run in Davis Park, but use both loops.  Each participant is rewarded with a frozen all-fruit pop at the end of his run (this is a health-filled day!).
The success of the Jogathon has been due in part to the dedication of the multitudes of parent volunteers who are stationed along the various Jogathon routes.
At lunchtime, all students picnic outside with their classes, enjoying the school community and the music from the Supersounds DJ!
The students, big and small, will be canvassing the neighborhoods of Shelburne with their pledge forms this week.  Your donation to the SCS PTO is most appreciated and is tax-deductible.
If you have any further questions about the Jogathon, please contact Alice Brown at 985-4918 or

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