Summer hot spot for young writers: The Writers’ Barn

Lizzy Fox

Lizzy Fox

The Spoken Word: Slam Poetry for high school students with Lizzy Fox

Five Friday afternoons, June 21, 28, July 5, 19, and 26, 3-5 pm, $100

Unleash your most powerful rhythms, metaphors, and stage presence with Spoken Word Poetry. Commonly referred to as “Slam,” Spoken Word is a highly rhythmic and theatrical style of writing. While many struggle to define this modern form, we think of Spoken Word as any poem written primarily for the stage. Come prepared to write, revise, and share your work aloud. This course will spend equal time on the writing process and performance direction. The series will have a special focus on themes of place, identity, and personal story, and it will culminate in a community performance at the Writers’ Barn.

Write and Illustrate Your Own Mythology Story – Graphic Novel Style for middle school students with Elizabeth Llewellyn

June 24-28, 10–11:30 am, $85

Have fun learning more about mythology by writing and illustrating your own myth in a graphic novel style! In this weeklong camp we will learn about the different types of myth: creation myths, the hero’s journey, quest myths, and more. Then we will spend time writing our own myths and illustrating them using a graphic novel style using markers and sharpies.

Writing Mystery Fiction for high school students with Elizabeth Llewellyn

June 17-21 or Aug. 5-9, 1:30-3 pm, $85

In this class for mystery lovers, we will explore the elements of fiction as they relate to writing mysteries. Through a series of fun writing prompts we will develop our own short mystery stories. We will talk about the different mystery genres: locked room puzzles, the cozy, the hard-boiled, private detectives, and police procedurals.

Animal Stories Camp with Elizabeth Llewellyan

July 15-19, 10-11:30 am, $85

Have you ever wondered what stories animals might tell? One of the most beloved books of all time, “Black Beauty” tells an exciting and moving story from a horse’s point of view. In this fun camp we will brainstorm about animals and what their lives are like. Then we will write and illustrate stories from the animal’s point of view. This class is catered toward 9-12 year olds.


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