Timberlane sports new colors and layout: commitment to kids’ dental health as strong as ever

“Dr. Shon” DiGuglielmo, and dental hygienist Ashley Cleveland in the newly renovated Timberlane Dental office in Shelburne.

by Margo Callaghan
If one were to quasi-rhetorically ask how many local families have taken their children to Timberlane Dental’s Shelburne office on Route 7, it is easy to imagine the air filling with hands. And the hands would be sporting “thumbs up” indicators, based on the feedback this 20 plus year old dental practice has garnered.
The Shelburne office began serving families in 1984, when Dr. Tom Fischer and Dr. George “Spin” Richardson, both Charlotte residents, began the practice. Richardson recently retired from the office, but is still very much involved in promoting dental health (think handing out of tooth brushes to kids at Halloween). Dr. Shon DiGuglielmo joined the practice in 2008. According to ‘Dr. Shon,’ the changes to the facility have all been instituted with their young patients in mind. “We are pediatric specialists as opposed to family dentists. All we do are kids, all day long,” he explained. The “do” verb centers on education and preventative efforts in addition to restorative care. Their patients range in age from 12 months old through college age adults, with the bulk of children in the 7-9 range. The practice also specializes in orthodontic work.
The updated layout has lent itself to a better work flow throughout the office. “It has a better feel; the remodel included removing walls and adding some half walls,” Dr. Shon explained. The result is a more open, lighter treatment area, and a markedly rearranged “Brushing Room,” which is a cheerful spot with a mirrored wall and sinks – the space makes it easier for children to learn proper brushing techniques early on.
The remodel is emblematic of the practice’s commitment to remain in their Shelburne Road location, and their commitment to the children in the area. That commitment is also evident in their ongoing support of the local CSSU Buccaneers football team – where they urge all members to wear their mouth guards. New this year is Timberlane’s sponsorship for the 2012 Smile Cam at all 38 home Lake Monster’s games.  The Smile Cam will be seen on the new electronic scoreboard.
And then there is the fact that one of the dentists in the practice stands a good chance of being your neighbor: in addition to Fischer and Richardson, Dr. Jeff Berkowitz, a general dentist who works in Timberlane’s South Burlington location lives in Charlotte, and Dr. Fred Ziegler an orthodontist in the practice lives in Shelburne. Or you might live next to some inlaws: Dr.Shon moved to Vermont after meeting his wife, Erica Grayson, in dental school. She grew up in Shelburne, went to CVU and was a patient of the practice. Her parents, Jane and Reid, still live in Shelburne. Fair to say, Timberlane Dental will be around for the next generation of small local mouths needing oral care.

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