Mater Christi performs “Hollywood Hillbillies”

Pictured: L-R front row: Isabel Kline, Eliza Thomas, Emma Balon, Shelburne, Liam Hariri, and Alexandra Landry. Second row: Allan Whayland, literature teacher, Grace Thompson, Shelburne, Emily Lyman, Taylor Williams, Sarah Sem, Ethan McCabe, and Jacob Hauenstein. Back row: Mark Pendergrass, science teacher, Patrick Welsch, English teacher, Darcy Lavoie, Alyssa Lemay, Tyler Vutz, Charlotte, Megan Collins, Ariel Salmon, Heather McCabe, and Kristen King, play director.

This year, in addition to holding an annual Faculty/Student Basketball game, Mater Christi School presented a Faculty/Student Play. “Hollywood Hillbillies” by Tim Kelly was performed for a delighted audience in April. The cast was made up of students from grades 4-8 plus three of the Mater Christi middle school teachers.

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