Grandmother Goose comes to Shelburne Farms June 5


One summer, not terribly long ago, a kind couple on Shelburne Farms rescued a goose with a broken wing. When the seasons changed, the goose could not fly south with her friend for the winter. What did the goose do? The soon-to-be-released story of “Loosie B. Goosie” is based on this true tale written and illustrated by Shelburne residents Marilyn Webb Neagley and Abby Stoner, respectively.

Neagley first wrote this story for her own children when she was president of Shelburne Farms and retells it now in order to share the warm story of friendship, kindness, and care with other families and to help protect and support Shelburne Farms through the book’s sales.

Stoner, a current student at Rhode Island School of Design, spent her childhood wandering the grounds of Shelburne Farms learning about agriculture and livestock.  She states that although her passion for adventure and travel take her around the world, she will always return to Shelburne Farms for inspiration and peace.

Children and parents are invited to join Grandmother Goose for the books first public reading and snacks at Shelburne Farms Education Center on Wednesday, June 5 at 3:30 pm.

“Loosie B. Goosie is published by Wind Ridge Books of Vermont and 10 percent of net profits from the sale of the book will benefit Shelburne Farms. There is no charge to attend, however, please RSVP to or call 985- 8686.

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