SCS goodbyes


By Veronica Shipway

Being an eighth grader, that means that this is my last year being a student at SCS. I have attended the school for the past four years, and have had many unique and interesting experiences there. Sometimes it’s sad to think that I’ll be leaving, but there’s also a lot of opportunity that lies behind the thought. Next year I will be attending CVU in Hinesburg, where freshman from all other types of schools will also be going. It will be exciting to meet new people and interact with them. Also, CVU has a lot of different courses that I could take, including things from business to acting and public speaking. Everyone enjoys to look ahead, both to graduation and to the summer, and to the first day at high school, but people rarely ever take the time to look back and reflect on the previous year. A lot has happened in this year to make it a special one. At the very beginning of the year, we were all greeted by three new teachers. Ms. Stansfield, our language arts teacher, Mr. Buckingham, the Band teacher, and Ms. Bamberger, who would be our music teacher. For the years before, we had always had the same teachers for those classes, so having different people was a big thing to overcome, but we soon found that all of our teachers were very capable and they were a lot of fun to be around once you got to know them. Being an eighth grader has a special feeling to it, you know you’re top dog, and you know that you get a lot of privileges (any previous eighth graders or seniors understand what I mean). I decided to participate a little bit more in after school things, one of which was the play.  For the 40 people who were in the play, along with the crew, and the directors, choreographers, and all musical hands, the play was a big and important part of our lives. It took months of practice after school, along with creating our own props and learning the musical parts, until finally it was opening night. The play connected a lot of people and helped people create new friends. A lot of kids were involved and that a lot of kids enjoyed it. Along with the play, there were also many concerts from both the chorus and the band groups. Every band group, the concert band (fifth graders), the symphonic band (six and seventh graders), and the wind ensemble (seventh and eighth graders) all had concerts, and still have more in the last remaining weeks of school. Now that it is close to the end of the year, most of us have been spending a lot of time looking ahead to what the future will behold, and we are excited to see what high school will be like. After all, when one door closes, another door must open.



By Maura Thompson

Looking back on my experiences at SCS I think I will always remember my eighth grade play. The play, “Once on This Island,” was my favorite part this year for many reasons. I got to become friends with so many people and close to so many others. I actually learned a lot as we learned how to act, perform on a stage, and how to project your voice so the people in the 30th row can hear you. The part I played in “Once on This Island” was the biggest part I had ever gotten so the challenges and experiences that it brought taught me a lot. The simplicity of the play made it both entertaining to play and enjoyable to watch. I loved my character Ti Moune because she was so different. It was fun being able to play someone that I’m not. This is why I enjoy acting. In fact, because of the great experiences I had in the play it made me want to act and sing in high school and possibly choose it as a career.

I think I will miss the people that I go to school with as I go off to high school. I have chosen to go to Rice Memorial High School next year which is a private Catholic high school. I have never been more excited about attending a new school. I absolutely loved Rice ever since my family and I moved here in 2011 and my brother, a freshman, starting going to the school. Only around six other people are going to Rice from SCS next year. This means that almost all of my friends I had got over the last two years will be attending another school. I will miss all the fun times at sports games and chorus recitals that I had with these people. Even though I am sad to say goodbye to many good friends I think I am ready to graduate and move on to new things.


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