News from the Pierson Library

The staff and trustees would like to thank Mary Catherine Jones, as she ends another wonderful year of Thursday morning story time. While we all eagerly anticipate the coming of summer, we will miss her creative and entertaining story times. Join us in wishing Mary Catherine a fun-filled summer and looking forward to welcoming her back in the fall.

Help us welcome new young readers! All of these children have received their first library card at the Pierson Library. They are as follows: Robert Fragola, Gretta White, Freja Nilsson, Zac Franz, Henry Galloway, Sebastian Bronk, and Daniela Bronk.  Summer is a great time to sign up for a library card if your child is five years old or older. They could even see their name printed in the paper!

“True Believers” by Kurt Anderson

Kurt Anderson’s extravagant tale combines cultural history with a riveting political mystery a la Graham Greene. It is told in the form of a memoir by celebrated attorney Karen Hollander, now in her sixties. In junior high, Karen and her best friends Alex and Chuck re-enact James Bond spy missions with toy weapons and imaginary enemies. As young adults in the late sixties, they conspire against a cold war villain who is all-too-real. By the time her book is about to be published, Chuck has died. Alex remains to try and stop Karen from revealing their shocking 40-year-old secret. Karen proves to be a brilliant, witty heroine who, despite her confession, will charm you.

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