“Real men” talk more than shop with their children


By Shelbie Ladue

What better way to shower dad with affection and appreciation than the gift of a book and discussion focusing on his importance in your life? In anticipation of Fathers’ Day and his new book, “I Wish He’d Taught Me How to Shave,” Saint Michael’s College professor Dave Landers is holding a discussion at the Writers’ Barn in Shelburne, Friday evening, June 14 at 6:30 pm. Fathers, sons, daughters, and someday-want-to-be fathers are invited to partake in or listen to this poignant discussion of how fathers influence their children’s views of masculinity and definition of what it mean to be a man. Craig Farnum, a college counselor at Colorado Mountain College, sums up Landers’ book perfectly. “It explores the choices today’s youth can make to foster a future generation of caring, confident, and healthy adults.” Landers’ book is available for pre-order now and is a perfect way to remind dad of how influential he has been in your life. To purchase your copy, or to reserve your seat at the discussion, please email lin@windridgebooksofvt.com or call (802) 985-3091.

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