Residents encouraged to participate in innovative celebration


The Shelburne 250 committee and Shelburne Museum are looking for community members interested in developing attractions for Step into Shelburne’s History, an event aiming to provide town residents an interactive celebration of Shelburne’s history, culture, and industry.

The committee is now recruiting local families, neighborhoods, organizations, clubs, churches, or businesses to create fun displays, skits, or activities that illustrate any aspect of Shelburne’s 250-year history. Participants will set up their sites chronologically on Shelburne Museum’s Covered Bridge and North Lawn to give audiences the feel of ‘walking through time.’

Sign up now to create a Step into Shelburne’s History site.  Design your site to feature a relevant piece of Shelburne’s past or present based on one of the following categories: early settlers, legends/myths, war, industry, transportation, music, culture, traditions, education, churches, tourism, professions, business, literature, art, famous families/people.

Be creative. We’re looking for fun sites that will engage and excite audiences of all ages.  Some examples include: exhibit display featuring historic images or objects; reenactments; costumes; skits; song/live music; dance; lawn/board game; trivia contest; art installation; live demonstration; mural; storytelling; and even video. The complexity is up to each group and we certainly encourage you to come up with your own ideas.  Just keep in mind that this is an outdoor event, so plan your site accordingly.

Interested in being a part of this innovative celebration of Shelburne? Please email David Cranmer at to submit your ideas for a potential site. Please send us your ideas by Friday, June 21. Once approved by the Shelburne 250 committee, you may begin developing your site. Shelburne Museum staff and Shelburne 250 Committee members will be available from June through August to provide technical and educational support.


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