Thank you Shelburne

I wish to say “thank you” to the following who have helped me to bring my house closer to the worthiness of surprisingly being the last house on historical property!

T.J. Valley and crew of Essex, Vt. for house staining and trim.

Portfolio Cuts, Nathan Waite, and crew for stone walks and landscaping. Their diligence is insurmountable even in the rain!

Cheerful buyers who enabled me to even think of this project by coming to my garage sales in such good humor. Though the sales paid the project, it all still feels like a gift.

Shelburne zoning and planning who saved me from myself by their advice that “less is more” and often breeds good taste.

I especially wish to thank zoning’s Brian Bigelow who facilitated my final permit approval. His manner of communicating helped me to become open and accepting of my being led through the final short meeting with zoning.

Home Improvement Services, Bob Stahl, of Hinesburg, Vt.; who provided detailed finishing touches, new doors, and outdoor carpeting.

ROX Asphalt, Andy Stanley of Williston, Vt., LLC Commercial and residential driveway paving.

I am very fortunate to have found such professionals, each in their own field of expertise. To this end, I appreciate you all and wish you the continued prosperity you well deserve. The project is complete, and I’m still trusting confidently in all the hard work.

Mary L. King, Shelburne

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