Proposed development should not be rushed

As a 19-year resident of Shelburne, I am concerned about the proposed development of the O’Brien Brothers off of Irish Hill Road. I understand the right of a landowner to develop one’s property but changing the Town Plan to expand the sewer line into a rural designated area is not a right or a good idea in my opinion. It saddens me to see the possibility of the town of Shelburne turning into an overdeveloped neighborhood like Williston or South Burlington. I think that the reason so many of us choose to live in Shelburne is its small town feel and rural atmosphere.

I believe I am not alone in questioning such dense development in this area of our town that is currently zoned as rural. Changing the Town Plan by rezoning and expanding our sewer system is a significant decision and should be researched thoroughly and then presented so that the entire town can participate in this important discussion. An expanded sewer system could come at a great cost to all Shelburne taxpayers. Have we researched the impact on our schools and our roads? Do we know how this expanded sewer system will be financed? These decisions have the potential to alter the character of our town and they need appropriate deliberation by Shelburne’s citizens. They should not be rushed.

Lili Ruane, Shelburne

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