Outdoor seating for Buono Appetito’s restaurant approved

By Carol Casey

At its meeting on June 5, the Development Review Board (DRB) approved the application from Buono Appetito Corporation for four tables of outdoor seating, screened from Route 7 by shrubbery. A shared parking proposal and the addition of a new bicycle rack were included in the application.

The DRB also gave sketch plan approval to the application filed by James and Betty Bahrenburg changing their earlier plan for developing their property at 75 Northside Drive. The new application calls for nine duplexes rather than five single-family homes and one duplex. Several Board members expressed concern about details of the development which will be discussed further when a preliminary plan is considered. The vote at this meeting merely allows the owners to move ahead to the next step in the process, rather than a blanket approval of the project.

The DRB continued consideration of an application by Kevin and Kirsten Dwyer for the expansion of their home, including the addition of an accessory apartment at 6529 Spear Street. Noting that the DRB cannot approve expansion in a front yard setback, the DRB asked the Dwyers to submit a survey clearly delineating the property line in order to determine whether the proposed addition would fall within the setback or meet the requirement of a 30’ setback.

The next meeting of the DRB will be held on Wednesday, June 19 at 7 pm in the Municipal Center. No DRB meeting will be held on July 3.

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