Open house scheduled for Mt. Philo management plan discussion

The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources is updating its plans for the long range management of popular Mt. Philo State Park. As is standard for the Agency planning process, participation from the public is encouraged. Members of the public can view natural resource maps and discuss the results of the resource inventories that have been recently completed on Mt. Philo State Park in preparation for revision of the long range management plan. Recreational, cultural, and historic land uses have also been mapped for presentation and future analysis. The open house will be held from 6:30-8:30 pm Monday, June 17 at the Charlotte Town Hall in Charlotte.

Mt. Philo, Vermont’s oldest State Park is dominated by the 968-foot Mount Philo with spectacular views of the Lake Champlain Valley and the Adirondack Mountains of New York. The park is popular for camping, hiking, and weddings. The 2010 donation of 60 acres from Charles and Gwen Allmon brings the total acreage of Mt. Philo State Park to 232 acres. General information about these lands is available at

The format for the open house will feature individual stations that display resource inventory findings and maps along with educational information. There will be an opportunity at each station for unstructured interaction with foresters, biologists, and planners from the stewardship team who are prepared to answer questions and solicit comments about any aspect of Mt. Philo State Park.

Since there will be no scheduled formal presentation, people can attend the open house at their convenience throughout the evening.

For more information about the open house or the planning process for Mt. Philo State Park please contact Maria Mayer, Parks Regional Manager, by email at or Lisa Thornton, Stewardship Forester, at


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