Joan has it wrong

I don’t understand why there is any discussion about how to handle the return of Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) money to the ratepayers as a result of the sale/merger of CVPS and Green Mountain Power – years ago CVPS had their foot on the economic banana peel – the Public Service Board (PSB) comes to the rescue with a rate increase for CVPS customers with the proviso that should CVPS ever be sold, the rate payers would be repaid some 21 million dollars – now comes the PSB and CVPS with the lame idea that the ratepayers should be repaid by funding energy efficiency measures – whatever happened to the idea that if you borrow money you repaid with money? If the 21 million dollars was distributed to all the ratepayers of record at this time, everyone would benefit with a check instead of a scheme to benefit the few who get the “energy measures” – whatever they might be. Once this gets out of the news we will never hear about how much money was actually spent for energy conservation measures in repayment of the 21 million dollars. It is unfortunate that Joan Lenes blindly sides with the governor and the party by hiding behind the PSB. I can only hope that “we remember in November.”
Bruce Elmore, Shelburne

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