Selectboard narrows discussion topics for upcoming retreat May 5

by Margo Callaghan
The Selectboard meeting Tuesday evening, April 24, opened with a warning from Town Manager Paul Bohne that yet another rabid skunk was found in Shelburne, bringing the number up to three over the past few weeks. He urged residents to be aware of the prevalence of cases, and to contact the Shelburne Police Dept. if suspicious animals are sited. (Editor’s note: another rabid skunk was reported in Shelburne following the date of this meeting bringing the total to 4.)
Bohne also announced that the Town’s Bike and Path Committee received special recognition from Local Motion at the 2012 Walk/Bike Summit for its work.
The majority of the evening’s discussions centered on determining the topics to be addressed at the upcoming Selectboard Retreat. Many of the suggested topics dealt at one level or another with the commitment of the town to adopt form-based code as the overall structure of the town’s zoning. As Bohne stated, “there is a fair amount of momentum around it.” Adopting form code zoning would impact other retreat topics brought up for consideration, such as future projects concerning the Town Center and the Village Loop Road. The Board voiced concern that they were not fully informed on the subject and hence its impact on future design. In a nutshell, it is thought that the change would streamline the application, review, and approval processes, the consensus of the Board was that it would need more information from the Planning Commission in order to approve the adoption of FBC.
The Board will determine the date of the retreat at its next meeting.
Board member Al Gobeille suggested Shelburne Hinesburg Road safety concerns be a topic of discussion. “We have a responsibility for our children who travel that road every day [to and from CVU]. Just because it is a regional school, there is no need for the town of Hinesburg to bear the brunt of it,” Gobeille stated in reference to the time and cost of enhancing the safety of travel along that route.
Additional topics for discussion at the retreat included updates on the Town Plan and the regionalization of police coverage. Chair Bill Smith offered he wants to discuss the economic and fiscal goals of the town.
Audit recommendations reviewed
As has been supplied to the town in the past, auditor Fothergill, Segale and Valley provided audit management recommendations to the town upon completion of the FY 2010-11 audit. According to Town Finance Director Peter Frankenburg, these are suggestions about improvements that could be made to the town’s accounting procedures. The audit did not find deficiencies in the town’s financial statements. The firm’s recommendations included:
• Library checking account oversight by Town Treasurer
• Quarterly oversight of ambulance receivables
• Continued efforts that all accounts receivable be tracked on the town’s accounting system.
• Management review of town employee leave time and implementation of tracking system to interface with payroll system
• Enhanced tracking of Police Dept. special duty billings and receivables
• Consolidation of bank accounts, eliminating the need for separate account reconciliations
Frankenburg reviewed the specific actions that have, or will be taken to address each of these six areas in his comments to the Board.
Other business
Adam Brooks was unanimously voted in for a three-year term on the Pierson Library Board of Trustees. Current trustee Marlene Moore was reappointed to another three-year term.
Finance Director Frankenburg offered a YTD budget status for the first three fiscal quarters, prefacing the presentation with the statement that “we are pretty much on track,” citing potential future “challenges” would include Wake Robin’s tax appeal, stabilization of Harbor Road, and upgrades to the existing fire station.


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