PAX offers unique opportunities for exchange students

My name is Gaspard Deleplanque and I’m a French exchange student sponsored by PAX. I arrived in Shelburne last August at the Potter’s family. I have been staying with three different families and I learned a lot from it.

I attended the Champlain Valley Union (CVU) High School. Over this year I learned so much about myself and found out what my life be about. I also met formidable people who changed my life in one way or another.

First and foremost, thank you to my host parents Sarah and Paul Potter who opened their home to me, did so much for me, and helped me to improve my English skills.

I also want to thank everyone at CVU who made my year awesome. I’d also like to thank my coordinator, Kelly Cartularo, who was there when I had difficulties and cheered me up. Families who would like to host a student should call Kelly at (802) 373-0011.

Finally I would like to thank everyone I met in the Champlain Valley, they showed interest and curiosity towards me and I really appreciated it. It really helped me to integrate myself into the community. I hope other PAX exchange students will have the opportunity I have had at CVU. You are so generous and awesome and I will remember you.

Gaspard Deleplanque, Shelburne

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