It’s all about the smile at Shelburne Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Philippe Charlebois of Shelburne Restorative Dentistry with his son Teo

Dr. Philippe Charlebois of Shelburne Restorative Dentistry with his son Teo

By Shelbie Ladue

Shelburne Restorative Dentistry (SRD) offers much more than restorative care, as it turns out. Walking into the charming office one feels as if they’ve stepped into a Victorian-style library. Ornate arm chairs, landscape portraits, and small tables laden with magazines emphasize a wall of bay windows looking out at the bustling town green. According to Philippe Charlebois, D.M.D., SRD strives to make clients comfortable with the office as well as the team of hygienists.

Four years ago, after completing a year-long residency at the University of New Hampshire, Dr. Charlebois joined the practice in Shelburne, originally established in 1983. “I met my future wife in northern New Hampshire and while driving through Vermont for a bike race, I felt that it was a beautiful place to live…a perfect mixture of city, arts, and a country lifestyle.”

Charlebois obtained a degree in Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Montreal and his degree in General Dentistry from the University of New Hampshire. Although his initial interests were based primarily in research applied to health care, Charlebois decided that dentistry was a good fit for his personality and sensitivity.

“Our office is dedicated to the concept that our patients should be able to keep their teeth all of their lives in maximum comfort, health, and appearance,” says Charlebois. With the technologies available today, this goal is very achievable. The practice of dentistry dates back to 7000 BCE in the Indus Valley and has evolved exponentially since the days of Aristotle. “People now are living longer and putting more effort into oral care,” noted Charlebois.

SDR offers general dentistry and restorative services for adolescents as well as adults and is a Delta Premier Provider. “We’re very willing to work with people and we try to continue finding tradition here,” Charlebois states, smiling as a family strolls past the window.

The practice of restorative dentistry is basically the application of general dentistry to the restoration of teeth utilizing today’s technology. SRD has a great team of dental hygienists who emphasize patient awareness and preventative care – including the encouragement of adding fluoride to daily oral maintenance.

Restorative dental procedures aim to fix wear, fractures, and any decay a patient may be experiencing. In the last 20 years alone, new materials have been implemented to make procedures such as root canals more comfortable, easier to maintain, and increasingly more durable. Clients of SRD have access to fillings, fixed devices, crowns, bridges, implants, and cosmetic procedures such as veneers. Patients are also able to schedule regular cleanings and evaluations with the very experienced SRD hygienists.

SRD’s primary goal is patient comfort and familiarity with their practice. “Technology aside,” Charlebois says, “we’re still working inside people’s mouths. There’s always going to be some trepidation, but what we strive for here is to make the patient as comfortable with us and in the chair as possible.”

To schedule an appointment, or to find out more about Shelburne Restorative Dentistry, please call (802) 985-9700 between 8 am and 2 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday or send an email to

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