O’Brien’s development changes Shelburne

The housing development at the Thomas farm property proposed by the O’Briens is a bad idea on many fronts including, but not limited to, traffic congestion (Rt. 7 especially), sewer capacity, school capacity, and preserving what rural spaces we have left. The number of units is “yet to be determined” but whether it’s 100 or 400, it will continue an ongoing process that will forever change the character of Shelburne.  If we allow suburban-style development on a parcel of land that has been designated “rural” in the Town Plan and run sewer to that parcel, how long will it be before Shelburne becomes as densely developed as South Burlington or Williston?

The economy is on the mend and the housing market is improving and with that the developers are on the move. I strongly urge the citizens of Shelburne to oppose the proposed sewer lines to the Thomas Farm and urge the Development Review Board and the Selectboard to oppose the sewer lines and to maintain the land south of Irish Hill Road as rural.

Doug Oaks, Shelburne

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