New round of grant funding available from CSWD

With funding assistance from a CSWD Waste Reduction Grant, Champlain Valley Union High School came up with creative waste reduction solutions this fiscal year. CSWD’s new fiscal year began July 1, and now $5,000 will be available for more community waste reduction projects. What genius waste reduction ideas can you come up with?

Champlain Valley Union High School had a “Trash On Lawn Day” in October 2012 to determine how much material is making it into their trash stream that could have been recycled or composted. They found that 62 percent could have been composted, 17 percent recycled. With the help of CSWD grant funding, the school’s Environmental Action Club teamed up with the maintenance staff to install five sort stations to enable students and staff to more easily keep compostables and recyclables out of the trash. Coupled with a strong educational component, the program is set to keep as much as possible out of the landfill.

As of July 1, CSWD has $5,000 available for community waste reduction projects, available on a first-come, first-served basis through May 2014 to qualifying projects/applicants.  Visit to find more examples of projects funded by CSWD’s Community Waste Reduction Grant Program.

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