Pass the GMO labeling bill

It is my understanding that over three quarters of the food on grocery store shelves contain some genetically modified ingredient (GMO). Reading the nutrition labels you’re likely to find one of these ingredients—corn, soy, canola, or sugar beets—the four most genetically engineered crops in the United States.

While we can easily guess which packaged foods actually contain these GMO ingredients, we really have no way of knowing for sure. Unless done voluntarily, companies are not required to tell us if their product contains one of these “test tube” crops.

House Bill 112—the GMO labeling bill, is a huge step for Vermont, and the rest of the nation. I want to know what’s in the food I’m eating, and feeding my family. Passing this bill would give me and thousands of other Vermonters that right.

Marilyn Webb Neagley, Shelburne

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