Local gymnast lands spot in Elite Aerial Development Program

Megan Nick of Shelburne at Tryout Camp in June.  Photo by Kira Tanghe

Megan Nick of Shelburne at Tryout Camp in June.
Photo by Kira Tanghe

Shelburne’s Megan Nick had quite the unexpected birthday present on July 9 when she was notified that she had received an invitation to join the Elite Aerial Development Program (EADP) for freestyle skiing. Nick, 17, recently participated in the Air Tryout Camp held June 23-30 at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, N.Y. Seventeen girls, ages 11 through 17 attended the Tryout Camp. Of note is that knowing how to ski is not a requirement for either the Elite Air Tryout Camp or the US Ski Team’s EADP.

Nick explained, “One of the reasons they have the Tryout Camp is that it’s easier to teach people to ski who already know how to flip and spin than it is to teach a skier how to do the maneuvers.” Because she does not ski, Nick will be traveling to Mt. Hood, Ore. in the near future to receive instruction.

Tryout Camp participants were ranked on several criteria including trampoline skills, physical conditioning, and performance on the Lake Placid water ramp as well as talent, passion, maturity, and attitude, among others.

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