CVFRS thanks Shelburne, Pomerleau for fire training

Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service (CVFRS) would like to thank the town of Shelburne and its businesses for all the support during the fire training exercise held Saturday, June 15. A special thank you to Ernie Pomerleau for donating the building in the Shelburne Woods project and the businesses directly surrounding it.

“Buildings that can be burned [for training exercises] are hard to find,” instructor Dick St. George said. “They add so much to training. It’s a unique training experience that can’t be replicated.” Typically fire-training exercises take place in a concrete “burn building” in Pittsford. “Fire just doesn’t burn the same way; it’s not realistic.” The last “real” burn exercise was held in 2009 in Charlotte. It provided over 800 man-hours of training, but it was used for a month. Shelburne’s burn lasted only the day. It began at 6 am and ended around 6 pm.

Approximately 50 firefighters from Shelburne and surrounding towns came to train. They used thermal imaging cameras to train firefighters how to locate victims in a burning building. “Practicing in an actual house helps us keep our skills current, gives us a better chance at preventing casualties, and teaches fire fighters how to enter the building safely. It is an invaluable resource and we are thankful that we were able to do it in Shelburne.”

Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service

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