Hot poetry workshop offered locally with UVM’s Daniel Lusk

There’s a reason people are coming back for round three of the delightful workshop, “Delights and Shadows III,” and there’s only one way to find out why! Poets looking for a group setting that includes guided practice in the creation of new work or support for work on revisions will find this a congenial workshop environment. Set up shop at the Writers’ Barn at 233 Falls Road in Shelburne every Tuesday from July 30 through Aug. 27 from 6:30-8:30 pm. Beginner poets are more than welcome! Sessions include discussions of craft in the poetry of outstanding contemporaries, while sharing drafts and developing fresh ideas for new poems.

One recent participant commented, “My friends go off to Provincetown each summer for those $1,000 a week workshops and I could scarcely believe I’d found something in my price range right down the road that is every bit as good…with a teacher from whom I have much to learn.” KG

To register please contact or call Lin at 985-3091.

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