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Egyptology! Thursday Aug. 1at 1 pm. Explore an Egyptian crypt, compete in games, and make crafts to bring home.

A reminder for all of the kids who would like to be entered in the competition for a Nook reader the deadline for reading logs is Aug. 8 at 8 pm. The child who reads the most pages from June 20 to Aug. 8 will be named the winner. Books in print, e-books, and audio books can be included on the reading logs.  Last year’s winner read over 16,000 pages. How many have you read this summer?

There is a still a lot of time to bring in your donations for the book sale to be held on Columbus Day weekend in October. The Friends of the Pierson Library will be accepting membership applications and renewals until September and donations until Oct. 1. If you are looking for a last minute gift or a book to take on vacation don’t forget to check out the gently used book cart in the lobby of the library.

“Rage against the Dying” by Becky Masterman

Review by Gene Schinto

Former FBI agent Brigid Quinn is newly married to a retired college professor. Their marital bliss is put on hold when a man confesses to the Tucson, Ariz. police to being the long-sought serial killer whose victims include Brigid’s young protégé Jessica. Asked to tie up some loose ends on what had become a cold case, Brigid is back in the game. Laura Coleman, new to the FBI, thinks the confessed killer of eight young women is a fake.

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