Host families needed for international students

The Program of Academic Exchange (PAX), is seeking families who would be interested in hosting an exchange student who will be attending Champlain Valley Union High School in the fall. This experience offers families a great opportunity to learn first-hand about another culture while also sharing what is special about life in Vermont.

Community coordinator Kelley Cartularo would be happy to talk with families who could welcome either a boy or a girl into their home for a few months or for the full school year. The main requirement for host families is to be warm, welcoming, and willing to share their daily life with the student. Students do not need their own room, just a bed in a room with a host sibling and a place to study. They have medical insurance as well as spending money to cover personal expenses, including school lunch.

Interested families are asked to contact Kelley at (802) 373-0011 or

PAX is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing mutual respect among the people of the world. More information available at

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