Vermont Historical Society plans Finding Wentworth history trip

In search of Benning Wentworth, the First Royal Governor of New Hampshire who issued 129 Vermont township charters, the Vermont Historical Society is hosting a trip to Portsmouth, N.H. on Aug. 25 and 26. Finding Wentworth is a luxury motorcoach trip with pickup and drop-off locations in Burlington, Montpelier/Barre, and White River Junction. The trip features the colonial history of Portsmouth, N.H. including, the Wentworth-Coolidge mansion, the historic home of Benning Wentworth, the beautiful Wentworth-Gardner house, and one of New England’s treasures-the outdoor history museum Strawbery Banke.

Most Wentworth town charters in Vermont were issued during the years 1761-1764. On July 20, 1764, King George III declared the Connecticut River as the boundary between the colonies of New York and New Hampshire, thus ending Wentworth’s grants in Vermont. This led to disputes with New York over the validity of Wentworth’s charters. Residents in the “Grants” defended their ownership of these lands, sometimes violently, against the claims of New Yorkers. One such group, formed in the Bennington area, became known as the Green Mountain Boys, whose leadership included the famed Ethan Allen. For information about Vermont towns with Wentworth charters, visit

For more information about the trip to Portsmouth, you can call Amanda Gustin at (802) 828-2180 or email or visit

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